Athlete Number 33 - Tony Dorsett

The best athlete to wear number 33 is Tony Dorsett. The Pennsylvania native and Heisman trophy winner in 1976 was the 1st draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys in 1977. He went on to be one of the best running backs in NFL History. He led the Cowboys in rushing yards and touchdowns in is rookie season, despite not starting until the 10th game of the season. He was a four time pro-bowler, playing in two Super Bowls and five NFC championship games. Tony rushed for 12, 739 yards in his career. Tony set a record for a touchdown from scrimmage with a 99-yard scoot against the Vikings during a Monday night game. (photo courtesy of allposters.com)

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  1. Very solid perspective. I think that among the "33's" Dorsett was one of the most impressive. It also helps that I am a Cowboy fan and that someone recognizes excellence.

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Patrick Roy was the best goalie in the history of the NHL. I think that stumps Dorsett being simply a great back. My vote would have been for Roy, even though I liked Dorsett and I am a Cowboys fan.

  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should have taken this easily. All-time scoring leader; 6 time champion; 6 time MVP. TD was great but I'm not sure he'd even be the 6th best running back to ever play in the NFL.

  4. No love for the greatest goalie in the History of the NHL, Patrick Roy?

  5. Anonymous8:02 PM


  6. Anonymous8:53 PM

    i knew this would be debated... but tony dorsett? .... larry legend or kareem are the obveous choices... but the poll makers hate baseketball

  7. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Patrick Roy was great. The Birdman was grand! Kareem, 6 world championships! 20 years in the league as a player! And,"OH MAN< THAT SKYHOOK!!!!!"

  8. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I'm going to have to go with the Indiana farm kid on this one!!

  9. Yep, this one needs to be changed to either Roy or Bird or even Abdul-Jabar...They all eclipse Dorsett in accomplishment and athleticism.

  10. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Another great number - Bird, Kareem, Roy, Dorsett, Probably in that order.

  11. Anonymous5:07 PM

    that's because basketball sucks!

  12. Anonymous9:20 AM

    The Freakin Hick from French Lick

  13. Justin5:44 PM

    Bird, Kareem, even Ewing over Dorsett. This is by far and away the worst one on here. What were they thinking?

  14. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Definitely Bird or Kareem. TD was only the 3rd or 4th best back in the NFL when he was playing, and doesn't even make the top 20 now.

  15. Anonymous5:50 PM

    The great LARRY BIRD jersey 33!!!!

  16. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Wow! If it's not a Yankee or a Cowboy it's rare...Choose with your head, not your heart.

    Larry Bird for sure! ! !

  17. Anonymous4:24 PM

    If ya ain't got an MVP award ya don't belong above others that do! Kareem-6, Parick Roy-3, Bird-3, and let's not forget Larry Walker-1. The original T.D.-0. Dorsett is great not legandary. He is #4 at best in this group. No I don't think Walker is up there either, just proving a point.

  18. Anonymous8:53 PM

    it should definitely be either bird, roy, or kareem. at least they were the best on their respective teams. On TD's Cowboys, their linemen could have been the best players on that team. they had randy white, ed "too tall" jones, and jim jeffcoat. they even had danny white (QB) and d.pearson (WR). i don't think he was the MVP for the team. he's not Emmitt Smith, who is the best running back in Dallas Cowboy History.

  19. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Kareem, Bird, Roy. Dorsett? Get real.

  20. Kareem over Bird easily. Lew Alcindor won 3 NCAA titles and his freshmen team beat the defending NCAA champion -UCLA varsity. Dunking was outlawed by the NCAA because of Alcindor.

    Career wise, Kareem's Lakers were the team of the 1980s to the second best Celtics. Kareem had Magic, but Bird had McHale and Parish (both teams were stacked. Kareem also won a championship with the Bucks. And if we get into stats, no question it's Kareem.

    A a Cowboy fan I love TD, but he is not in the same class as Kareem.

  21. Roy, Bird, or Kareem

    Just as impressive a list as 32

  22. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I think I'd have to go with Patrick Roy on this one, I mean he probably hasn't heard about this anyways with all of those rings in his ears and all.

  23. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Dorsett isn't even the best NFL athlete to wear 33.

    Maybe stats were researched; but not history.

    Sammy Baugh, QB #33 - originated the position we still watch today.

    And back in the day, when men played both ways, he held NFL season records for pass yards, interceptions, and punting. One of 3 (I believe) to ever win the little known (now impossible to accomplish) NFL Triple Crown - to have an offensive, defensive, and special teams record in the same season. Also, he still holds NFL record for CAREER average punt distance (51.4 yards) - which has stood for nearly 60 years!

    If we are going to compare football #33's to the basketball #33's at least make it close.

    ESPN says Abdul-Jabbar and Bird are better athletes but I think its debatable.

    Dorsett didnt even make the list... Nice try cowboys fans (sorry had to say it).


  24. Anonymous10:13 PM

    honus wagner

  25. Anonymous10:13 PM

    honus wagner good choice

  26. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Lew Alcindor and his pal Kareem Abdul Jabbar were the best number 33s and perhaps the basketball players ever.

  27. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Scottie Pippen should be in the conversation.

  28. Anonymous4:07 PM

    greats:baugh, kareem, bird./ very, very good: pippen, roger craig, dorsett. (dorsetts claim to fame a 99 yard td against a vikings team that had the game in hand-watch the replay, he only had to avoid two defenders.)

  29. Anonymous8:37 PM

    how did kareem not win this?

  30. bird was a great player, he could beat you by himself, someone have to get the ball to kareem. both were unstoppable in their zone, i just prefer birds killer instinct over kareems grace in this case. i loved watching roy, but not even close to celtics lakers
    dorsett might be top 5 ...

  31. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Let's not forget Eddie Murray. 500 HR's 3000 hits and RBI machine

  32. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Patrick Ewing! HELLO.

  33. Anonymous2:41 AM

    AL BUNDY, Polk High, 4 touchdowns in a single game!

    But seriously Larry Bird and Patick Roy are great players who have worn number 33.

  34. Patrick Roy, KAREEM, Larry Bird, then MAYBE Dorsett

  35. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Cliff Lee deserves to be on the list

  36. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Roger Craig, the first 1,000 yards rusher and receiver

  37. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I'm a Cowboy fan and I loved watching him paly. He was great and he was exciting but I would have to agree the Kareem and Bird should be ahead of Tony on this list. I don't follow Hocky.

  38. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Dudes, It is Bird without question homies.

  39. Anonymous9:10 AM

    About as legendary a jersey as it gets.

    And good call on Patrick Roy.
    I used to love Dorsett and he was a great player but no; not compared to Bird, Roy and Kareem.

  40. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Sammy Baugh, Bird, and Roy.

  41. khemmler1:33 PM

    Dorsett? Seriously?! He was good, but the best 33 ever? Not a chance.

    Larry Bird is the greatest 33 ever. Then Kareem and Patrick Roy. I'd even throw Scottie Pippen into the mix before mentioning Tony Dorsett.

    I'm not even sure Dorsett is the best 33 in football history. What about Ray Nitschke, Sammy Baugh, and Roger Craig? I'd put them all ahead of Dorsett. Whoever made this pick must be a Cowboys fan!

    I saw someone mentioned Patrick Ewing. He would be the best #33 to never win a championship! (sorry Knicks fans)

  42. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Dorsett, pro bowler, rushing leader, superbowl champ and Hall of Famer is definitely Football's best 33 but Kareem is 33 and Bird is 33 the NHL goalie okay if so say so. but Kareem and Bird are probably starter on the All-NBA second team with campionships and MVPs. Dorsett is about 4th or 5th team Alltime NFL running back.
    just in case you disagree with 2nd team for Bird. Here the 1st team.

    C - Akeem "The Dream" Olajuwan- Mr all-time leader in quadtriple doubles, 2 Champs - Sorry Shaq, Kareem but Akeem just shake you all off again,
    PF - Karl Malone - the mailman always delivered. he is second on the NBA scoring list but no championship slightly a head of McCale and Duncan
    SF - Lebron James - The G.O.A.T - Greatest of all-time based on overall basketball skills - (Bird and Dr J.) all beat LBJ is some area like championships but played with better teams. But Lebron started in the NBA as 17 year old kids scoring 20 pts a night. Because LBJ as not played on as good of team is all ready ahead of Bird in all-time scoring and Larry "Legend" had a great 7 year run but did not win a champion he last 6 years of his career. Larry is not in the top 25 all-time scorer. LBJ is currently 26th. I loved and hate Larry as a Sixer/ Laker fan but I would want him on my team never time but sad to say LBJ is overall better than Larry and Julius

    SG Jordan sorry Kobe, David Thompson, Gervin etc
    PG Magic - sorry Isiaih, Big O, Jerry West, Stockton, Iverson

  43. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Baugh, not only did he play three different positions in football but he also led in stats for those position in categories.


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